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Welcome to the Knox County Paranormal Group web site!

The K.C.P.G. is a group of individuals in Knox County, Illinois dedicated to the research, science and exploration of the paranormal.

Our Goal is to help mankind understand that which is not yet understood.

Please explore our web site and ask any questions you would like but check back often, we are always adding more content!

Almost everyone in the world has had some sort of paranormal experience. It could be anything from hearing a voice call your name, seeing a ghost to witnessing a U.F.O.

The members of the K.C.P.G are here to help you understand and possibly assist in solving any Phenomenon you might have experienced or are still experiencing.

We are an organization that has open minds and we would like to help, as well as shed some light on the unknown. If you have seen a ghost, a U.F.O., or an animal you can not explain. You have felt odd in a certain place for no reason, traveled outside your body or can feel and/or see things no one else can, we want to talk to you.

Email Us Today!

If you use Yahoo Messenger you can chat with the founder immediately.

Please leave a comment in our Guest Book before you leave!

The Paranormal Edge
A discussion on all things paranormal with your host Kramer on Landz Edge Radio.

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Fridays at 7 p.m. Central
Paranormal Edge Chat
Jump in the Chat during the show to ask questions. This is also the part time K.C.P.G. chat.

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Chat is always open


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Your donations help us to improve the scientific research of the paranormal.
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Donate To The Red Cross
The 2005 Hurricane season has left many in peril, Rev. McDorman is a Red Cross Volunteer and can tell you first hand assistance is needed, Please give what you can. They need all of our help!

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Paranormal Investigation Workshops

The K.C.P.G. and other local area investigators and investigation teams will be hosting a monthly Paranormal Investigation workshop for those interested in understand what we do and how we do it.

More information to come shortly

Want to talk about it?

Knox County Paranormal Group is willing to help...
Are you troubled by what you believe to be paranormal phenomenon, but have been afraid to talk about it or tell anyone?

What is being offered is an opportunity to talk with open minded individuals, be it through a phone call, email or in a group environment. This is a place where your thoughts, ideas, experiences (good or bad) can be expressed without the fear of being ridiculed. Sometimes just being able to share in others' experiences will help you to understand your own experiences more.

Please join our yahoo group to stay informed with any upcoming events.

If you would rather start by having a confidential conversation via phone or email, please send a note to:



The Knox County Paranormal Group offers Ghost Hunting Tours for your fun, entertainment and learning experience. Go out with members of the K.C.P.G. on a real live Ghost Hunt. Learn how to use the equipment, search places of reported Hauntings or other paranormal phenomenon and maybe even "catch" a ghost or worse!

No tricks, strings or magic, these are actual investigations being conducted for scientific research. Those faint of heart need not inquire.

Email us for more information or to book a tour today!

Paranormal Site of the Month


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory investigates all forms of paranormal activity nightly on the AM airwaves. Check thier affiliate section to find a station near you that caries this keep you up all night exiting show.


Coast to Coast AM

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