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Guinness in the Morning

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About the Band

Just a little info on all of us and this situation we are in.

How did GITM get started?

Guinness in the Morning started out as a jam session in an Illinois basement on Christmas day 2005 and quickly turned into a situation of ill repute and fun. Of course those two things seem to run hand in hand when you're dealing with Celtic and Irish Music.

To this day the band is still forming but make sure to keep an eye out around St. Patrick's Day 2006 for the debut of GITM!



The Band Members



Well, E is a story unto himself. The Proprietor of GITM, E has been in and around the Celtic Music scene in North Texas going on 10 years now.

Once and always a pirate E's love of the Celtic culture and music has driven him for a long time. He's been involved with many bands and projects including Rowan Moon, Brendanas Dream, The Bilge Pumps and even Needfire.

At 7 feet tall E. might very well be the world tallest Celtic musician. He's been involved with many different forms of music since he was 8 years old and sang most of his teenage years in Heavy and Progressive Metal Bands. When he moved to Texas he discovered his "Roots" in Traditional Celtic, Celtic Rock and Tropical music.

E. has written and recorded with Linda King as well as Lark of the Clans from Rowan Moon whom he wrote a two songs with "Irish Guacamole" and "Wooden Picture Frames".

E. Uses:




Haling from Burlington Iowa, Jim has been exposed to classical music since the age of 3. Throughout the years he has been in a multitude of symphonies, orchestra and ensembles ranging from The South East Iowa Symphony to The Iowa City youth Symphony.

Jim has also endeavored into Country, Jazz and Rock music having played in several bands with his bass and violin/viola skills while he was in the Air Force AND the Navy (He's a glutton for punishment)

Not only does he play violin yes you heard right he plays viola as well as some electric bass guitar and also a mean kazoo. He has found Celtic music to be fascinating and challenging genre of music. He looks forward to talking on the challenge whole heartedly and presenting an experience with GITM that will make your musical taste buds tingle.

Jim says - "I'm not only saying this saying this because E's my brother-in-law, I honestly mean it..."

You can often find Jim barreling down highway 80 behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler trying to talk on the cell phone, cuss bad drivers and practicing his fiddling all at the same time! (Talk about dedication!)

Jim Uses:

His fingers



Joe is from Monmouth by way of Peoria and has been playing music and ruling the 2 3/4 level of Hell for a number of years starting in school playing the saxaphone before moving on to the guitar and bass. (Not the fish the other bass)

He has spent the last 5 years playing in a couple of rock and roll bands starting with Shades in 1999 with also contained Bob where he was the lead singer and a guitar player. Then breaking away in 2001 he starting Better Daze with Bob and his brother Bill.

Better Daze played around the Galesburg area for 3 years performing thier last gig this past July.

In the time after Better Daze Joe has been working on his bass guitar skills and looking for something different having finally found in the form of Celtic music and GITM.

He is ready to take on the Celtic music world and bring it to its knee's as only Joe can do so let the fun begin! (Again, hide your daughters)

Outside of music Joe likes to spend time with his wife Carolyn (Whoops, sorry about the daughters comment Carolyn) and his pets as well as collecting buffalo things (uh...I just can't do it...) and ride his Harley(Davidson Motorcycle for those that might be confused ;))


I think this will do for now feel free to add those little tidbits that make it a little more fun. (Shall do mate... hehehehehe)

Joe Uses:

Super Human Strength!


Acoustic Bob

Police report still pending.


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