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Membership to the K.C.P.G. is easy!

Our goals are to accumulate evidence to prove or disprove of a paranormal event, share data and information we have collected and help those affected by paranormal phenomenon.

In order to become a member you need to have a strong will and a curiosity of the unknown and things considered paranormal. As a member you will receive training for different jobs and functions with in K.C.P.G.

On your application there will be a list of jobs and a short description of each function. This is an opportunity to express your specific interests within K.C.P.G.

After your application has been review, you will have to partake in a short phone interview given by a K.C.P.G. member. An email will be sent to you with either your approval information or the reason for disapproval.

Upon approval of your application, a position within the group will be chosen that we feel might best suit you. This however does not limit your ability to partake in other sectors of K.C.P.G. Every job function has specific training that must be completed in order to assure proper scientific approach and safety.

The cost of membership is $25 a year, with all proceeds going back into the group to cover costs of investigation equipment, training, and so forth.

*MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL! For the month of October a years membership is only $15!*

Payment of membership to K.C.P.G. will be arranged after your application is approved.

Members will receive "Members Only" access to K.C.P.G.'s online resources page, a Photo ID and training by a certified Paranormal Investigator.

For information on the Knox County Paranormal Group and to request an application for membership, please email us at

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