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Knox County Paranormal Group
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Please take a moment to fill out the form below to help us plan our Ghost Hunting Tours to better suit you. Thank You.

Would you be interested in going on a Ghost Hunting Tour and if so what about it interests you?


Tour Information

The K.C.P.G. offers Ghost Hunting tours that are educational and fun. You will experience first hand what it is like to be a ghost hunter as you examine and work your way through a reportedly haunted location.


This is as real as it gets! The places we take our Ghost Hunting Tour Groups are reported to be haunted. Some of these places you may have heard of in legend, gossip or the news but none the less they are places that need to be researched.

You will start your tour with certified and trained K.C.P.G. members teaching you how to use the ghost hunting equipment. You will then go over the rules of how to conduct an investigation. It's not as easy as you think, it takes a strong will and clear thinking at times of total choas to keep from being scared out of your mind.

Once you have booked a tour you will recieve all the information about what to wear and bring as well as coffee, cola, water, sandwiches, chips and candy of your choice from our list on the tour site for your refreshment. All of the food items will be discussed and then stated in your confirmation email as well as a contact email and phone number of your team leader.

Cost of a local tour is $30 per adult (18 and over). No children are allowed on the tours. No groups larger than 6 please. If you have a larger group than 6 please email us and we will discuss what we can do to accommodate you.

Length of the tours last no longer than 4 hours. Starting time of tours will very depending on location and local law officals. They will not vary however from your confirmed start time unless weather or local law officals force a change.

If weater forces a cancelation of your tour another tour date will be scheduled around a time best suited for your group.

All sales are final. No smoking during the investigation. Smoke breaks and designated smoking areas will be laid out before your arrive.

Get ready for the possible fright of your life as you explore and hunt for a real ghosts on thier own territory!


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No scheduled tours at this time.

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