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Olympus VN-480-PC

As Most know in the Para-Investigators chat I am A
true Believer in the Olympus DVR's. I bought my first
recorder which was a Olympus VN-240-PC and i just love
it then i wanted a second recorder but had a hard time
finding the 240-pc so when i seen the VN-480-PC and
doing a little research i seen that it would be the
perfect recorder for EVP work. Olympus makes a
(VN-480) but it does not come with the USB cable or
the driver CD's so you can download the audio. make
sure that if you do choose a Olympus recorder it says
"PC" at the end of the model # I think some of the
higher end models may come with the drivers and cable
but not sure I cant see paying forthe higher end
models you dont need to spend $100 or more on a
recorder but i will look into other Olympus recorders
then post the info. And if you dont choose the
VN-480-PC but do choose an Olympus recorder you will
be very happy with your purchase. So enjoy and Happy

heres some info on the VN-480-PC I forgot to add lol

Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) starts and
stops recording as it senses volume, conserving memory
and battery life
64MB internal flash memory
Records up to 8 hours in LP mode, 4 hours in SP mode
and 2.5 hours in HQ mode
HQ recording at 16kHz for superior sound; LP and SP
for extended recording
3 file folders and 1 schedule folder hold up to 100
messages each; up to 400 recording files total with up
to 10 index marks per file
Easy file management lets you move and erase audio
Playback modes include slow and fast; timer recording
and schedule alarm
Large LCD screen and jog-dial navigation
PC link for quick and easy downloading of audio files
to edit, e-mail or archive your files; 3.5mm earphone
and microphone jacks
Compact design
Uses 2 AAA batteries (included); up to 25 hours of
continuous operation

Olympus vn-240-pc

Here is some info on the Olympus vn-240-pc which i
guess you can say is the little brother of the
vn-480-pc. The 240-pc is by far a steal for the price
and for the beginner that wants a digital recorder
this may just be for you. Very easy to use and it has
some of the clearest play back i could find.

The Olympus VN240PC Digital Voice Recorder makes
digital quality recordings of up to 245 minutes. The
USB cable provided helps you save files easily to your
computer. Ideal for interviews, meetings and memos,
the recorder holds 3 audio folders each containing up
to 100 files, so you can keep separate recordings
organised. With 3 recording qualities (HQ - 88 mins,
SP - 133 mins and LP - 245 mins), alarm setting, and a
mic jack for an external microphone. The VN-240 PC
also comes with earphones so others don't listen in.

Product Features:
More than 4 hours recording time
USB connection for fast downloading to PC
3 recording qualities (HQ, SP, LP)
4 folders for file management
Schedule function for appointments
VCVA (voice activation) for handsfree recording
Index setting
Alarm playback
Supplied with earphone

What comes in the box:
VN-240 PC
USB cable
Software CD ROM (Digital Wave Player)
2 x AAA batteries

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