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Film Cameras: by LadyConeFlower

Here are some ideas as to what you may want in a
camera that are for beginners to the experienced
photographer. I have included point and shoot cameras
to advanced SLR cameras. Polaroid also makes an
inexpensive camera for instant results, which I have
also included here. Again these are my picks from
experience and years of photography. By no means is
this list concrete but is simply to give you a guide
as to what is available. These are good cameras with
good warranties by good manufacturers with long time
know how in building cameras. The prices range from
mid priced to expensive. Shop around, find a camera
that suits your needs, test it in the store, make sure
its comfortable in your hands, as you will be using
it. Read the booklets thoroughly to understand what
your camera can and cannot do. And fill out all
warranty cards on your camera and send them in, you
never know when you may need a professional cleaning
or a part replaced. Again, these are my picks, and
only a guide for you to to use in picking out a

Point and Shoot Cameras:
Canon - SureShot 180U QD Compact Zoom Camera 89.99 to

Best Buy
Ritz Camera
Circuit City

This is a good mid priced point and shoot 35 mm film
camera. Easy to use and easy upkeep on the camera.

There's an extremely accurate Zoom-Coupled Smart
Autofocus System, 6 PIC Modes, a 7 Mode Light Guide
Zoom Flash with Red-Eye Reduction and even a Dioptric
Adjustment Eyepiece for true comfort. The Sure Shot
Z180u. It's everything you need to create brilliant
pictures effortlessly.

Fully Automatic, Compact 4.7x Zoom (38-180mm) 35mm
Zoom-Coupled Smart AF System
Automatic Light Guide Zoom Flash with Red-Eye
6 PIC (Programmed Image Control) Modes
Aluminum Alloy Finish, Stylish, Compact Design

Camera Type: 35mm AF lens shutter compact film camera
with built-in flash and zoom lens
Zoom Range: 4.7x
Lens: 38-180mm/f/5.6-12.9 zoom lens
Type: 7-zone, 3-point; Passive: Autofocus
(select 3 points from 7)
Center 1-point AF: Yes (via Buttons)
Servo AF: Yes (Action Mode)
Focusing Range: Standard: 0.8m/2.6 ft. to infinity
(Wide) 1m/3.3 ft. to infinity (Tele) 0.6m/2.0 ft. to
infinity (Close-up)
Viewfinder: Type: Real-image zoom viewfinder approx.
84-percent coverage
Viewfinder: Dioptric Adjustment: Yes -2.5 - +0.5dpt
Exposure Control: Program AE; or -1.5 stop exposure
compensation possible
Built-in Flash: Type / Modes: Type/Modes: Zoom-Coupled
Light Guide/7-mode
Flash Recycling Time: Approx. 7 sec.


Konica Minolta - Zoom 130 Quartz Date Compact Zoom
Camera 89.99

Best Buy
Circuit City
most places that will sell cameras.

Again a nice mid range priced point and shoot camera
that is easy to use and easy to upkeep.

The Minolta Zoom 130c Date proves that great pictures
and style do not require complex, expensive equipment.
This compact 3.4X zoom camera has the advanced
technology needed to make photographing family,
friends, special places, and events simple and fun.
Plus, all the functions are automatic so you have
complete freedom to concentrate on your subject or
scene. All you do is point, zoom, and shoot!

High-Quality 3.4X Aspheric Zoom Lens
Long Eye Relief Viewfinder
1000-Step Autofocusing
Focus Lock
Durable Aluminum Exterior
Night Portrait Flash
Date/Time Imprinting
Red Eye Reduction
Landscape modes

Polaroid - One600 Pro Instant Camera 49.99

For instant pictures this is a good camera..a bit
pricey for the film cartridges but has excellent

Uses Polaroid 600 Instant Film
Focus-free lens for great shots as close as 24-inches.

Sleek, folding design perfect for those on the go.
Digital LCD picture counter and feature setting
Auto flash for great pictures in any light.
Red-eye reduction so you always look your best.
Self-timer and tripod mount, so now you too can be in
the picture.
Exposure Control for even better pictures.
Viewfinder dust shield for added protection.



Canon - EOS Rebel T2 35mm SLR Camera 199.99 o to


The EOS Rebel T2 brings together everything you want
in a 35mm camera. It has the latest automation, a
souped-up selection of powerful features, expanded
shooting modes and state-of-the-art E-TTL II
autoflash. It's what makes the Rebel T2 the most
advanced SLR in its class. A masterpiece of form and
function, its luxurious design is both lightweight and
ergonomic to make it truly user friendly. See for
yourself, why the Rebel T2 is a camera that will
change your expectations.
Fully Automatic 35mm Autofocus SLR - Easy to Focus,
Easy to Shoot. The Rebel T2 gives you a full package
of highly sophisticated automatic features that let
you tackle even the toughest photographic situations -
fearlessly. From the Mode Dial, simply select the
Image Zone setting that matches your scene and the
Rebel T2 automatically picks the optimal settings. Or
choose Creative Zone settings for complete manual

7-point High-Speed, Wide-Area Selectable AF w/
Advanced 35-zone Metering - The Fastest Autofocus In
Its SLR Class. The Rebel T2 superimposes seven
focusing points across the viewfinder for tack sharp
focus automatically - even when your subject is off
center. Or set your own focusing point using the
Cross-Key AF Point Selector. You can also choose from
three Autofocus Modes - One-Shot AF, AI Focus AF and
AI Servo AF - to handle a wide range of subjects and
environments with superior precision. The Rebel T2
also gives you the fastest shutter speed in its class
- 1/4000 second so you can shoot as rapidly as life

To deliver the perfect exposure that makes
unforgettable pictures, the Rebel T2 also has a
35-zone metering system. It's linked to the seven
autofocus points so even when you're confronted with
complex conditions, like backlight, you'll get superb
pictures. To further refine exposure settings, there's
an Orientation Detection Sensor that automatically
determines the position of the earth and sky in your
photo and makes the appropriate adjustments.


Konica Minolta - Maxxum 70 Date AF SLR Camera
w/Quantaray 28-90mm AF Zoom Lens
229.99 to 269.99

Best Buy
Circuit City
Most camera stores

One of the best ways to experience the joy of
photography is with a 35mm SLR camera - and with the
Maxxum 70 it will be a joy! The advantages of a Maxxum
AF SLR are many: outstanding image quality, the
versatility of interchangeable lenses,
through-the-lens viewing (what you see is what you
get), creative control over focus and exposure, system
accessories, and everything you need to learn the fine
art of taking beautiful pictures.

Because of its full selection of features and ease of
use, the Maxxum 70 Date is ideal for beginners, family
users, and photo hobbyists -- value-conscious
consumers who want a quality camera they can grow

Paired with the Quantaray 28-90mm Zoom lens, you'll
get broad versatility and incredible sharpness . The
28-90mm zoom is today's standard lens. The new
increased telephoto range of 90mm, increases coverage
of the most popular focal length range from 28mm wide
to 90mm mid-range telephoto, this ideal zoom has
tele-macro capability for a maximum magnification
ratio of 1:4, plus a minimum shooting distance that
offers great versatility. Everything from grab shots
to portraits to close-ups is possible. Quantaray's
exclusive optical technology makes optimum use of
aspherical lens elements to achieve results on par
with fixed focal length lenses throughout the entire
range. And with an overall length of 2.7 inches and a
weight of 9 oz., this lens is perfect for the
photographer on the go

A Full-Featured, High-Speed AF SLR with Powerful
Creative Controls


8.99 to 12.99

These cameras are good for quick events like birthday
parties and such...I would not personally use them for
night time shots but they are good indoors or in
twilight. Its again personal choice through my
experiences, and I find these to be ok disposable <one
use> cameras.

Kodak - MAX HQ Single-Use Camera with Flash - 27
FujiFilm - Quicksnap Panorama Single-Use Camera
Kodak - Zoom One-Time-Use Camera

K.C.P.G. * Knox County * Illinois * US