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The flashlight is an important tool in a
investigation for finding your way in the dark so you
an avoid dangerous areas in a location and so you can
find your way around a location.....Flashlights come
in many styles shapes and sizes.i like the flashlights
with LED bulbs they are bright and last forever(close
to it) and they dont drain batteries like
convenstioanl bulbs. the style of light you buy is up
to you but make sure it is not some cheap thing that
will break with in the first week or even year. now to
what kind are good for investigations...After talking
with ppl and my self useing them i have come up with
some reliable and sturdy lights..i am a hunter and
fisherman so i need a strong light which i also use
for investigations and trust me i put them through the
test so i will list a couple i found to be affective
in the investigation field.

1)Headlamps:headlamps are ideal for investigations for
a real good reason they let both hands to be free so
you can use them for holding a camera and other
equipment at the same time.Headlamps come in different
powers and sizes but again the LED bulb type is best
for battery consumption and they are real bright and
the bulbs last almost forever some will last as long
as 10,000 hours or more. the head lamp i use is

Petzl® Tikka Plus Headlamp:A 4-LED headlamp with 3
lighting levels (maximum, optimum, and economy) and a
blinking mode. Ergonomically designed, comfortable
elastic headband. Tilting lamp body. Water-resistant,
for all-weather use. Uses 3 AAA batteries. (Around

Another good head lamp is the :

Princeton Tec® Aurora™ LED Headlamp: Weighing in at
less than 3 oz., this headlamp is a contender for the
most compact unit ever. Features an adjusting pivoting
head, 150+ of burn time and 10,000+ hours LED bulb
life. Easy switching between five output modes.
Waterproof. Uses 3 AAA batteries. (Around $29)
These are just 2 of many head lamps there are bigger
models but to but the light wieght is a is ideal for
an investigation

2) handheld flashlights: Its good to have a back up
hand held or you can use a hand held as a primary
light which ever it is make sure its a good quality
light here are a couple i use and have used in the
woods and for looking around sites.

Princeton Tec® Impact XL LED Flashlight:Utilizes a
1-watt LED, one of the most powerful LED sources in
the world, giving you a light output significantly
greater than 1-watt xenon or halogen bulbs. Includes a
rubber-over-molded grip, 70 hours of bulb life,
impact-resistant design, and water integrity to 100
meters. Weight: 5 oz. Uses 4 AA batteries.(Around $37)

Brinkmann® LED Flashlight:Bulb supplies brilliant
light intensity for over 100,000 hours. Provides up to
20 times longer battery life than standard AA
flashlights. Revolutionary flashlight includes 3
snap-on lenses (red, blue, and amber), a belt clip,
and 2 AA batteries.(Around $17)

also there is a new type of light out which uses a
green filter which helps you keep your natural night
vision since white light can make you sort of a
temperay "night blind" after a period of time heres
one that can clip to your hat

Streamlight® Clip-Mate's; Multi-LED Flashlight with
Swivel Clip:Small, clip-on, 360° rotating light with
the power of 3 super-bright, 100,000-hour LEDs.
Visible from over 1 mile away. Requires 3 AAA

The Streamlight also comes in hand held and head lamp

Happy Hunting......Investigating!!!!!!!


Ok here are different types of bulbs for

flashlights and each has a different purpose. some

offer long bulb and battery life but sacrifise

distance others offer distance but sacrifise bulb and

battery life. here is some info on different types of

bulbs.Some of these LED and HIGH WATT LED bulbs can

last up to 10,000 hrs or more and Batteries can last

for in some cases up to days running continues.

Incandescent (krypton,halogen,xenon)

LED (Light Emitting Diode )

High Watt LED (Luxeon's ; 1,3,5 watts)

these types of bulbs come in all sorts of lights and

styles seems the "High Watt LED's" are in the more

expensive lights so maybe not what you would like

heres a comparison of the types listed above.

Light Output:



High Watt LED: ***

Bulb Life:

Incandescent: *

LED: ***

High Watt LED: ***

Battery Life:

Incandescent: *


High Watt LED:***

(good *) (better **) (best ***)

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