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If you are looking for a Audio Program but can not
afford one or you are just saving $$$$ to buy one this
is for you. AudaCity is a free audio program that is
deigned buy audio tech's for free use and is updated
at times with new and improved extras.This is not the
best nor is it the worst but for free it is in my
opinion pretty dang good.And for ppl just getting into
the investigation field this is an easy program to
learn and will do what is needed. so check the site
out Before downloading go ahead and read the (ABOUT)
section then download it and give it a try.

if you go with this program make sure you go down the
front page of the website and put your email addy in
so you can get free new versions of the audio program
when they come out (Get Notified of New Versions)

K.C.P.G. * Knox County * Illinois * US