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Sunny, outdoor conditions are great for picture
taking. For outdoor pictures of people, consider using
Fill-Flash. This "fills" the shadows for more
flattering portraits. Here I would choose a 400 asa
film which is your most versatile film.

Your eyes adjust, so you may not realize how much less
light is present when the clouds roll in. A 200-speed
(or higher) film boosts sensitivity for fewer dark
pictures on overcast days. To brighten the colors and
your mood, turn on your flash.

Higher film speeds, such as 400 and 800, allow your
camera to use higher shutter speeds, which is what
you’ll need to freeze the action of that game-winning

Fast Action
How do you define fast action? If it’s your 7-year-old
zooming down the soccer field, a 400-speed film is
great. If you’re heading off to a stock car race, pack
an 800-speed film

I, personally use Kodak Gold Film and Fuji Film. I
find the results much better than cheaper film and the
pictures dont come out grainy as some would with
cheaper film.


Infared films are fun to experiment with and produce
surreal pictures. Before using infared, make sure your
camera can handle it. Some cameras use an infared
light in the auto winder of the camera body and this
will cause infared film to fog. Black and white
infared used with a red filter gives startling effects
such as snow white foilage and black skies and bodies
of water. Color infared can turn faces green and lips
yellow. Filters for infared can be purchased
inexpensively for 35 mm SLR cameras.

Film is as varied as the camera itself, read the back
of the film box to make sure you have the proper film
for the situation in which you will be taking

I also store my film in the fridge to keep it fresh.
If you do this make sure you warm up the film
cannister before putting it in your camera. Put it in
your pocket or under your arm for several minutes.
Take care also when loading the film that you do not
open the back of the camera and allow light in, this
will spoil what you have captured and it wont develope
properly. Also do not touch the curtains in the back
of the camera with your fingers, these are precision
instrements that work in conjunction with your
shutter, touching them or bumping them can damage them
causing failure in your camera, so take care when
loading film.

These are just guidelines for purchasing film and
again not set in concrete.

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