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Knox County Paranormal Group
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What is the Knox County Paranormal Group all about?.

Our History

The Know County Paranormal Group (K.C.P.G.) was founded October 1st 2005 by R.L. McDorman for the soul purpose of Paranormal Investigation and possible Resolution of Paranormal Phenomonon. Mr. McDorman is a certified Paranormal Investigator and has help to form, participated and still participates in many other Investigation services such as Infinity Paranormal, DFW Paranormal, The Red River Paranormal Group and the International Paranormal Research Group.

Our Services

The K.C.P.G. offers a documentation service for no charge of Paranormal Phenomenon as well as possable alleviation of phenomonon that might be causing an intruption in your life.

The K.C.P.G. also offers assistance for those affected by Paranormal Phenomenon. Sometimes the best medicine is having someone you can talk to about your problem that has an open mind. The K.C.P.G. works with Infinity Paranormal to assist in this field as both groups offer assistance with those seeking help.

If you would like to discuss your paranormal phenomenon with one of our group members in private you can email us at

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